Recent Sightings

Hi, well somewhat recovered I have been back walking the reserve and boring Bri with the odd joke or two !!
On Thursday 14th Bri was topping up the south feeder and my attention was taken by the crows calling on the salt marsh. As I went to see the cause I saw an old dog fox meandering amongst two crows. Now crows take cockles and mussels and break them open for food. Now this was an old fox with a bit of a limp and he was scavenging for any leftovers. I quietly called Bri and we observed the fox for a few minutes. It looked at us a couple of times but nonchantly carried on eventually disappearing into the gorse. We have suspected for a long time that there was a den in this area.

Today, Sunday Bri sighted a short eared owl it was in flight and went out of sight towards the airfield. We decided to follow it. Within 2 minutes Bri saw it sat on top of a thick wooden post. Almost blending in with the post, as with the fox he took a few photos as it looked imperiously towards us. After a minute or so it took flight and disappeared behind the willow trees. We thought we might see it again hunting but no such luck. The last time we saw a short eared owl was 9th August last year.

Bri & Bob