Hi, I just started my walk this morning when immediateley there was a kestrel some 10 yards away from me hovering at about 12 ft it soon drifted away but continued hunting. As I walked between the feeders I disturbed a charm of about 50 goldfinch that had been feeding on the numerous thistles growing there. They flew off noisiliy as if they were rebuking me for spoiling their meal. I put some bread and a few seeds on the small table in the trees at the feeder and to my surprise it attracted 3 male bullfinch- 2 female bullfinch, a young robin, a young blackbird and about 3 young blue tits. In the summer months Bri and myself stop stocking the various feeders we have here. However we still bring a bit of bread and other scraps when we have them but not on a regular basis so as not to discourage the birds from naturally sourcing their own food.
The heather is now beginning to blossom and in the next few weeks we will have its beautiful scent lingering in the air.