Tuesday July 24th

Our walk this morning was very quiet,. little or no wind but quite a lot of drizzle, the toadlets were out again, see pic, we thought they were froglets but on closer inspection they are covered in spots.
In the afternoon it was full tide so on the way back I went along the beach, lots of Oyster Catcher flying over towards the north of the Island and one or two on the shore line. Came across a couple of Ringed Plover that just moved along the top of the beach as I walked along, see pic.
Also there were a family of Meadow Pipits feeding in the sand dunes, see pic of youngster.
Lastly came across the hardy annual that appears this time of year when schools are on holiday, is there a link ??? "RUBBISH", that’s not a comment. see pics.

Bob and Bri