Hi, this is a siting from Friday 13th April, Bri and myself spotted a short eared owl whilst by the long pond. It flew north and out of site.
We kept and eye out for it as we were walking round and checking the natterjack scrapes and we thought that was it.
However as we were approaching the security fence of the airport, there it was perched on top of one the posts. It flew west
and out of view, we took the path that brings you out between the two most easterly ponds when to our surprise it flew
right in front of us. Bri took some pics and I watched it through binoculars heading north and getting mobbed by small birds.
Then to my surprise a second short eared owl took flight as the first one flew over it. I lost track of the initial owl but watched the second
for a couple of minutes as it was hunting and it dived down into the grass/heather once as if making a kill but it soon rose

For the last three weeks or so a pair of Gadwall ducks have also been on the long pond. There has also been up to five Mergansers,
three males and two females. There is one sole male now and has been for a few days and can we hope that a female is sitting on eggs nearby. I believe
Mergansers like Shelducks use old rabbit burrows or similar to raise their brood.

Posted by Bob