Thurs 29th

Posted by Ian

Cold windy day,big change from earlier in the week,must be 10degs colder.Looked like spring though with all the pansies blooming in the dune slacks.The mute swan pair that built their nest on an island on the long pond (17) have now started another nest at the top of the pond within touching distance of the bank—hope everyone plus dogs gives them some space.Found a swans egg (see pic) on the path early tues morning,how it came to be there has been the source of much debate.It is now on its way to an incubator—is it fertilised? Will it work? We can only hope.

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egg settled in incubator i have no idea how we’re going to candle it?! The shell is like concrete, don’t think the torch will shine through. We’re on day 4 today, only 33 to go…..will keep you informed.

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