Sunday 12th August

The glorious 12th, if your not a grouse.
Ian told myself and Terry this morning he had seen a young Cuckoo in the same place on the main path, two mornings on the run. We walked up the path and sure enough it was where Ian had described, but it saw us first and moved farther up the path, Terry managed to get a good look at it through his binoculars and I was just looking through the camera and it flew off, the attached pics clearly show the markings, must try harder tomorrow, weather permitting. We reported earlier in the year seeing a couple of Cuckoo, this is a result, hopefully there may be more young.
The Sundew are in flower at the moment, only a small white head on a long stem, found in the large wet area at the north end of the heath.
Walking back across the tip, found a Great Mullein, not a rare flower but it looks very impressive.