Tuesday 14th August

A really hot afternoon and too warm for the dogs, so I just had look around the tip area, Ian had said he had found a couple of Teasel in flower on the tip.
What first struck me was the humming, an area of Knapweed was covered in all types of bees and wasps it was really loud, as if you were stood next to a busy hive. I am not up on types of bees and wasps, apparently there are tens of thousands, more wasps than bees. See pics.
After finding the Teasel, I came across some more in the area between the path and the airfield, we have seen them before but never in flower. see pic.
The tip has a lot of Tansy and it is increasing every year, an unusual looking flower but does not seem to attract the insects.
Also came across some Toadflax in full flower, just over the fence off the tarmac road to the tip. It has been there for quite a few years, the bright yellow flower really stands out.