15 August, 2012 13:59

15th August 2012

Angelica is another good plant for attracting insects. These photos are from last year and I have to confess the second one was not taken on Walney.
Has anyone seen any small coppers this year? I still haven’t seen a single one! Plenty of graylings about now. I saw them along the dune/shingle edge last time I was on North Walney and at the weekend on Askham pier where good numbers of them were sunning themselves, almost invisible against the slag. For any flower enthusiasts, the yellow-wort (a very rare gentian in the county) is in full flower there and hundreds of autumn gentians just opening first flowers.
That map of the yellow bartsia distribution is really useful. I didn’t realise it was so widespread. Last year I saw one plant flowering close to the second feeders, just where the path forks to go around or through the willows. I looked this year but didn’t see it.