Sunday 16th June

Lots of birds have now fledged, a large family of Long-tailed tits were feeding off insects in the Willow trees, at least 12 in the group, managed a couple of shots ,and one with a young one being fed.

Also a family of Swallows have fledged from a stable near to the old Walney Tavern, they were feeding around the fields at Gillies, as can be seen from the shots, the young are still missing the long tail feathers.

Quite a few Whitethroat are calling but have not yet seen any young.

The Reed Warblers on the fishing pond are singing all day, don’t know if they have had one brood and are trying again, or a female hasn’t returned this year.

One type of caterpillar that feeds on the Willow is the Yellow-tail moth and there are a few about but not as many as previous years.

Bob and Bri