Thursday 2nd May

Has the summer started, what a beautiful day and Jenny’s blog excellently described the bird activity on the reserve, it’s all happening at last.

And just to prove the point , as we started down the path, a Meadow Pipit landed on a bush with it’s beak full of nesting material.

Further round the walk we found the blossom on the Willows full of honey bees, much later than usual but they are here.

At the feeders Goldfinch were spotted with coloured rings, not sure if it was one or two birds, photos show one with Orange on left leg and the other with Yellow and Red on the right leg, have sent info to Colin at the South End to see if he can confirm it is one of theirs.

In the afternoon had a walk round Gillies field, as I arrived a Heron lifted off the pond and landed on an old Air Raid shelter, see photo, looks like one of those plastic type to warn off other Herons from your ornamental fish pond.

Just sat on the seat next to the pond and didn’t feel much like moving , it was so relaxing, even the dogs fell a sleep, lots to see on the pond. Eventually did carry on the walk and then watched one of the Barn owls out hunting over the fields, never saw a successful catch, before it disappeared back into the tower.

Also came across first May Flower.

Bob and Bri