Tuesday 7th May

We have not yet found any Natterjack strings in the usual pond, and the pond itself is looking very unhealthy, covered in Blanket Weed. Hopefully this warm spell will entice them out, but there survival will be is at risk due to the weed. As we checked this morning one of the cows casually stepped under the top line of barbed wire and over the lower line to have a drink.

Spotted our first Speckled Wood at the weekend, a definite sign things are warming up.

The Sparrow Hawk we found nesting last year has built a new nest only yards from the original, but is not sitting yet.

This morning we found two halves of an egg in the field, not sure what sort of bird,

looks very similar to a Red Legged Partridge or a Coot, see photo against eggs in book.

Bob and Bri