Thursday 30th August

Ian was just leaving as I arrived and he said the young Cuckoo was in a willow tree near the fishing pond. When I reached the end of the tip overlooking the pond, it could be clearly seen swinging in the wind, on the top of one of the willows. When i moved closer it flew to the back of the tree, on reaching the tree it then flew out onto the fence, just long enough to take a shot, it looks as though it has something in it’s beak. I think it might be bulking up on the toadlets ready for the fly south.
There have been a few Wheatear about recently but are difficult to approach, except this afternoon, when leaving the van, one flew past and landed a few yards away, managed to take a couple of shots, one showing off the white rump.
This afternoon the views of the mountains were really clear and with the shadows of the clouds passing over, created a more beautiful picture. There are not many places that are as picturesque within 20 minutes of leaving the house.