Thursday 30th May

Ian spotted a male Cuckoo calling yesterday, and late yesterday evening on
the way to monitor the Natterjacks I also spotted one on the airfield fence
but not calling, could be the same one or another female.
At the feeders there were a family of Dunnocks we could here them calling
but only saw the one , the parents were going to and fro from the feeders
but unfortunately could not catch a shot of one being fed.
Every morning we see and here a Song Thrush on top of one of the Willow
trees but we can never get to close before it flies off managed on shot as
it flew past.
On the way down the road, on the way home there were a few Jackdaws and a
couple were gathering nesting material see photo, it’s getting a bit late
in the season, but maybe they know something about the future weather and
it’s going to be a beautiful long summer.
The Barn Owl from the water tower is out hunting most afternoons, weather
permitting, and it certainly makes finding voles very easy.

Bob and Br

i001 Baby Dunnock 015 Jackdaw collectingnesting material 020 Barn Owl returning to nest 009 Song Thrush