Sunday 2nd June

Another Sunday and another Cuckoo this is the third Sunday in a row. We
were talking to a couple near the seat and they had taken a photo of a
Cuckoo with his phone through binoculars, they said it was behaving as a
young one asking for food from passing Pippits.
When we arrived in the first field, the Cuckoo was still on the fence with
a Pippit nearby, it was acting submissively towards the Pippit and every
time it flew passed it opened it’s beak and as can be seen on the photo it
retains the bright orange colour, but the Pippit was not playing. While we
watched the Cuckoo dropped to the floor and came up with a very large hairy
caterpillar, looks like a Garden Tiger, their stable food, see photo, and
shortly after picked another farther along the fence.This is probably the
young Cuckoo from last year and it’s very surprising to see it still
considers Pippits to be parents and when we left it was still trying it’s
best to persuade the Pippits to supply the food.
Hopefully this young one will stay, there seems to be plenty of food.

Bob and Bri

002 Garden Tiger caterpillar 018 Cuckoo begging 027 Cuckoo with caterpillar 037 Cuckoo begging

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