Tuesday 18th June

The swans are still doing very well and we were informed over the weekend that they had been seen on the path, and today we found them on a small pond further up the path from the long pond. The cob was enjoying a rest and lying on the grass and the pen was in the pond with the cygnets, don’t know why they are attracted to this particular pond.

The pond in the field contains what we think are Natterjack tadpoles and today when checking there was a Mosquito hatching, see photo, also there were at least six four spot dragonfly flying around.

There are lots of flocks of starling at the moment, and when the sun catches the colour of the adult they are iridescent.

In last nights moth trap, in the garden, was a Chamomile Shark, an unusual looking moth not often caught in this area ,see photos.

Bob and Bri