Tuesday 7th August

The morning was very still and humid, lots of midges and clegs, we had a look at pond 35, all the cows and calves were lying down, just having a cud chewing time, except for one large calf decided it would have a drink of milk. No sign of natterjacks at the pond but did find a good imprint of a Badgers foot.
Brian the farmer was up at the weekend and cut down a lot of the bracken, Natural England have in the past, bruised it, but not every year,it must be done yearly until it finally dies.
Another major problem this year is Ragwort, it is one plant that has really flourished, it is classed as an "Injurious Weed" in the "The Weeds Act 1959" and amended in the Ragwort Control Act 2003", but neither Act requires the landowner to do anything??

Bob and Bri