In spite of the weather—cold/ rain/hail etc,it was well worth a visit to the reserve today.

Spotted three Roe Deer (all does) on the edge of the reed bed—One woodcock, unusually on the concrete dispersal road near to the south feeders.

This was only one of three I have seen this winter,unlike last years harsh winter when they were sat three and four together.

Sat by the seat feeders and thanks to Brians regular feeding was awarded with a great afternoons display—-male/female reed buntings ,blue/great/coal tits,

Male/female bull finches, gold finches, robins.

Where else can you see that!—brilliant.


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Hi all’

Been playing around with the site for some hours tonight but it is taking shape.

All suggestions to improve are welcome,time to start using it and find the faults.

Please be patient with your new web master.


Any probs e-mail me direct

It’s a new dawn!!