Thursday 5th July

Some bad news, last night one of the cygnets went missing, presumably dead. Yesterday it was looking out of salts, not keeping up with the other two, yet the day before it looked fine, at this age they are still very vulnerable and can very quickly deteriorate.
The warm spell has hatched out hundreds of damselflies, Common Blue and Blue Tailed the west side of the long pond is a good place to view. Also the Common Darter dragonfly are hatching, the immatures are yellow and when adult, turn orange/red colour.
The Marsh Helleborine is out in full glory in the depression behind the butts, lots of it this year see pics.
Found an Oyster Catcher nest with one egg, adjacent a well walked path, see pic, it’s so lazy it has just used a piece of card for a nest.

Bob and Bri