Bird count

Approaching the fishing pond Brian and I saw a heron near to the fishing landings, Brian tried to get a photo, as usual the heron took flight.

At the north feeder this morning:- 1M-1F bullfinch, 2 great tits, 2 blue tits, 1 coal tit, 9 greenfinch, 5 goldfinch,
5 chaffinch,5 robins, 2m-1F reed buntings, 2 dunnocks, 3m-3F blackbirds.

The long pond was almost frozen over again but 2 swans and the white mallard and 4 other mallards had kept it from freezing completley
in a different location to the last few days.

Posted by Bob

7th Feb

I got on the reserve before the tide left so there were a few stragglers around. Lots of Sanderling rushing around as always, and a single Ringed Plover were all I could muster. The Meadows were better though with the ubiquitous Curlew in profusion, Lapwings of course, a lot of Redshank, Oystercatcher and one solitary Grey Plover looking sorry for itself. Nothing much else out of the norm except perhaps a single Wren, but the rest was the expected stuff.
There were bikers coming into the sand hills as I was leaving, and although too far away to shout to them my trusty camera recorded number plates and as they were daft enough to stop and remove their helmets, faces too. They saw me photographing and then pretending to talk on my mobile and they legged it sharpish. I’m sending the pics to Steve, I think he should send them a policeman as a warning.

Bird Count

Starting todays walk Brian and I were walking in misty conditions and we could hear geese flying high but could not see them because of the
low cloud and mist. Towards the end the sun cleared the cloud and mist and we observed at least 500 geese flying south in several skiens, they were too high to identify.
The lakeland hills looked beautiful with the recent snowfall on them.

At the long pond the small hole has reappeared as a thaw continues, it was a refuge for 14 canada geese, 14 mallards and one heron taking flight
Two canada geese were flying around the others on the pond and calling to each other but they did not land.

At the north feeder:- 2M-1F bullfinch,1 great tit, 6 blue tits, 2 coal tits,5 robins, 6 chaffinch, 3M-2F reed buntings, 4 goldfinch,12 greenfinch,
2M-2F blackbirds, 2 dunnocks.

Returning Bri and myself saw the white mallard with two others at the south end of the long pond.

Posted by Bob Chubb

Sunday 5th Feb

As Bob posted today, we missed the swans landing but here are a couple of photos , they look like two adults, two adolescent and two cygnets.

Also attached is a photo taken a couple of weeks ago,of a Teal flapping it’s wings but notice the two white feathers, one on each wing pointing backwards, anyone know what these are.


Sightings & Bird count

Hi at the start of the walk there were 2 thrushes scurrying away between the brambles on the tank tracks.

At the long pond the ice has finally won and covered all the pond now. All Brian and myself saw was 6 teal taking flight
2M-2F mallards…so quiet, then as we continued 14 canada geese flew in and landed out of sight from us.

At the north feeder :- 1M-1F bullfinch,1 great tit,4 blue tits,2 coal tits,7 greenfinch,2 goldfinch,3M-4F blackbirds,
3 dunnocks,3M-2F reed buntings,4 robins,5 chaffinch.

On the way back we observed 6 mute swans at the south end of the long pond, 2 cygnets,1 immature, 2 cobs and 1 pen.
would have been a marvellous sight seeing them land as there was a veneer of water on the surface of the ice the same
conditions that the canada geese endured and we missed both landings.

Posted by Bob Chubb.

Sightings for Saturday

Hi, at the long pond the 2 swans have gone as the small pool is nigh on closing in with the ice.
All that was there was the white mallard with 9 other mallards and 1 canada goose.
No other birds were evident.

At the north feeder, 2M–2F bullfinch,2 great tits,1 coal tit, 7 chaffinch, 5 robins, 8M–2F blackbirds
11 greenfinch,3 goldfinch,2 dunnocks,3m–2F reed buntings.
At the back a magpie was waiting for Bri and me to go so it could raid all the scraps we had left out for the smaller birds.
No blue tits today perhaps they having a lye in..oh and the return of the coal tit not seen by me for the last two days.

Posted by Bob Chubb

Bird count

Hi, the small clearing in the long pond is diminishing and today there were 2 swans,2 canada geese and a few mallards….very quiet.

At the north feeder–1M-2F bullfinch,3 blue tits,3 great tits,5 robins,4M-1F reed buntings, 7 chaffinch, 6 goldfinch,
9 greenfinch, 7M-4F blackbirds,2 dunnock.

Approaching feeder through the field observed one thrush in the brambles by the fence,on the salt marsh a merlin
was perched on the post by the gully.

Posted by Bob

Frozen ponds

Hi, the image was taken at the long pond with all birds evident in this tiny clearing of water,
on a nearby bank was a heron sunning himself but took flight as I approached.
Walking on past this a mute swan flew low over the pond looking as to land,
however it didn’t and gained height and flew on south.

At the north feeder 2M-2F bullfinch,4 blue tits,3 great tits,4 robins, 5M-3F blackbirds,
11 greenfinch,1 goldfinch,2M-1F reed buntings,2 dunnock, 7 chaffinch
The birds were in fine voice this morning and there was a lot of activity in the surrounding willows.

Posted by Bob Chubb

Sightings for Feb. 1st

Hi,—at Long Pond– 5M-3F tufted ducks, 2 swans,15 teal, white mallard with other mallards, 1 canada goose,1 heron.
North feeder–3M-2F bullfinches,3 great tits,4 blue tits,1 coal tit,3M-1F reed buntings,2M-2F blackbirds,12 greenfinch,
6 goldfinch,4 robins,7 chaffinch,2 dunnocks.

Saw 7 swans on high water line, settled on beach, roughly opposite from rifle butts, were they
whoopers or mutes? couldn’t tell from where I saw them from the old tip.
Think Lew & Jim may have seen them…any idea guys?

From the ‘Bramble Chopper’

Sightings 31 Jan

Posted by Ian

AWOL in the morning and as usual in the afternoon bird sightings were down.

But there was a female/young grey seal (I’m not an expert) however following the tide up on the sand by Scarth in the afternoon.

Nice to see